Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nutrition Tip: Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth (or several), you know who you are. This can be a rough season for those of us who have one. Halloween candy....... caramel apples.......pumpkin cookies.......fudge.......oh my!

My best TIP for dealing with your sweet tooth is one that I learned from my good friend LaRyn many moons ago. It's called ONCE A WEEK. Here's how it works:

ONCE A WEEK you get to have a grand dessert. And boy, it can be grand. Not an entire chocolate cake grand, but really really good. Like a piece of cheesecake (aaahhhhh! the shock! the horror!) or a molten chocolate torte or an ice cream bar or a ...... you get it.

Now that you KNOW that ONCE A WEEK you get dessert, it's a lot easier to surpass the OTHER sweet items, like a piece of Halloween candy, or a nibble out of a candy jar. Because you don't want THOSE little things to be your weekly dessert, now do you?

I typically save my dessert for Sunday nights at my in-laws. Except for the times when all us girls get together, and then there is usually dessert involved.

You can now look forward to your ONCE A WEEK dessert. Make it a really GRAND one, huh?

Unless you don't have a sweet tooth and never want dessert. Then I have no words. Except MAN are you missing out!


  1. Good idea! Temptation kills me when dessert leftovers are left at my house. The more I cut back on sweets, the ickier they make me feel when I do eat them.

  2. That is a good plan.. I will try it. A handful of halloween candy is nothing compared to a piece of caramel pecan cheesecake from the #cheesecakefactory!!! MMM!

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