What's 80/20?

There are many 80/20 principles associated with a healthy lifestyle.  This blog was developed with the focus on nutrition and healthy eating.  The basic premise is:  If you eat wholesome, healthy meals 80% of the time, then you get to indulge a bit 20% of the time.  

Keep in mind that this indulging that I speak of is not a free pass to eat an entire pepperoni pizza with extra cheese in one sitting.  But, if your meals have been reasonable portions of healthy foods for the past few days, you can have a slice of birthday cake, some nachos, etc.

I am a dietitian who believes in consuming whole foods to be able to absorb every bit of nutrition they offer.  There is no quick fix to weight loss, at least not weight loss that is lifelong.  I also believe that all foods CAN be consumed in moderation.  There are certainly some that I typically recommend avoiding, but if you NEED that food in your life, you can usually make room for it.

On this blog I have no set "rules" for what makes an 80, and what makes a 20, and you will notice that the lines are blurred by some "ish" recipes as well.  An 80 recipes will be at least one, but hopefully more than one of the following:

- low fat or containing majority healthy fats
- low calorie
- low sugar
- high fiber
- vegetarian or vegan
- made with all natural ingredients

I hope you enjoy my blog! If you have any questions or comments I welcome them!