Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Pomegranate Solution

Pomegranates are a very nutritious fruit. They are very high in antioxidant polyphenols as well as vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.

However........they can be very messy. And purchasing just the seeds or juice is very expensive. Before my good friend Maranda turned me onto this trick, I avoided pomegranates. I knew that I would walk away looking like Barney.

Solution: de-seeding your pomegranates in a bowl of water.
I guess this is not a new trick. But, it was new to me.... so I am sharing it with you just in case it is new to you too.

1: Cut off the knobby end of the pomegranate

2: Follow a white "vein" from the cut end of the fruit and cut through the vein, so that you do not cut through seeds. Find another vein and repeat. Pull apart the sections of the pomegranate.

3: Fill a bowl with luke-warm water.

4: Submerge one section into the water and slowly work rind away from seeds. The juice-filled seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl and the rind will float.

5: Repeat process with remaining sections.

6: Remove rind from the bowl and gently sort through seeds to remove any remaining rind that may have been carried to the bottom.

MIRACLE! I wore cream-colored sweat pants during this process (I cook in comfort) and they are without stains-- as well as my hands!!
My appetizer recipe that I am making with these lovely seeds will be posted soon-- stay tuned!

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