Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nutrition Tip: New Year's Resolutions

The party's over. This is that day of the year when we all vow to change something in our lives. It's a new year! Often these resolutions have something to do with our health, our nutrition, our happiness. If you are one of US who make these resolutions, here's a tip: WRITE IT DOWN. Keeping a record of your goal helps keep you accountable, and keeps it in your mind.

In the spirit of the New Year I will help you get started and reveal my resolutions for the upcoming year. I am going to count on YOU to keep me accountable. I didn't stick with mine for last year. Given, one was kind of outlandish (becoming a professional surfer) given my current state (Montana). But, I SHOULD have been able to keep my other one (flossing twice a day). MOVING ON. NEW YEAR.

1. FINANCIAL: Save more, spend less (seems pretty simple)

2. CAREER: Focus on long-term goals- reach for the stars!

3. Health: (1) Floss twice a day-- giving it another go! (2) Dessert once a week, not once a day (3) 1/2 marathon -- yikes! (4) try something new- skate ski race in March! (5) More vegetables (you can never have too many)

4. HAPPINESS: Embrace those that support and empower me, let those who do not roll off of my skin like water on a duck
GOOD LUCK with your resolutions! If you need someone to hear yours, post a comment!

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