Sunday, April 28, 2019

Meal Plan Monday {Lindsay's Week}

Meal Plan Monday are a new feature to the blog!  Each Sunday I will post a meal plan for your week so that you can shop, prep, and hit the ground running on Monday with healthy choices (8020 style of course).

Each week look for one breakfast, one lunch (prep-ahead), and FIVE dinner ideas.  And just to make it well-rounded, I will add in a dessert  and cocktail recipe too!

This week is appropriately named Lindsay's Week because it is a round up of my favorite macro-friendly choices! There's a little Mexican flare in this week too because (1) it's amazing and (2) Cinco de Mayo!

Let's do this!


(Note: use alternative chickpea or lentil pasta if unable to find Banza near you)

Dinner #1:

Dinner #2:

Dinner #3:

Dinner #4:
(add grilled chicken for extra protein boost)

Dinner #5:



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