Monday, May 5, 2014

20--- Strawberry Beergarita

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of this fantastic holiday I am reposting my delicious Strawberry Beergaritas! Enjoy!

This is a yummy twist on my classic, Cervezagaritas.  Try them both!  The best part about them is the beer.  I am not a big beer drinker, but in this recipe it helps chill out some of the sweetness that can overpower a margarita.  

Strawberry Beergaritas
Serves 4

1 can limeade concentrate
8 large strawberries, stemmed and chopped
1 cup tequila
24oz Mexican beer

In a blender, combine limeade, strawberries, and tequila.  Puree until smooth, then transfer to a pitcher and refrigerate for 2 hours.

To serve, pour 6 oz limeade mixture into a 16 oz glass half-filled with ice.  Top with 6 oz beer and stir gently to mix.


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