Monday, April 28, 2014

WOW Workout Of the Week---- Take a Hike

Now that the snow is melting here, I am very anxious to get out on some trails!

Did you know that adding incline to your "walk" will most likely increase your heart rate more than adding speed (ie: running)?  And that incline can add in some more scenic beauty as well, making your workout a bit more enjoyable! 

This workout adds in a bit of resistance training along the way.  Find a hill or trail that matches your ability.

Take A Hike Workout

Minute 0-3:::::: Warm-up walking at a slower pace
Minute 3-6:::::  Speed up your walking
Minute 6-7::::: Uphill walking lunges
Minute 7-10::::: Back to your faster pace walking
Minute 10-11::::: Drop and give me some push-ups!
Minute 11-14::::: Faster pace walking
Minute 14-15::::: Squats
Minute 15-18::::: Faster pace walking
Minute 18-19::::: Uphill walking sideways facing the right
Minute 19-20::::: Uphill waking sideways facing the left
Minute 20-21::::: Walking backwards up the hill
Minute 21-24::::: Faster pace walking
Heading back down
Minute 24-27::::: Fast pace walking
Minute 27-28::::: Jumping jacks
Minute 28-31::::: Fast pace walking
Minute 31-32::::: Push-ups
Minute 32-35::::: Fast pace walking
Minute 35-36::::: Walking lunges back uphill
Minute 36-39::::: Fast pace walking- back down
Minute 39-40::::: Squat jumps
Minute 40-----> Fast pace walking to the bottom

Remember to stretch!!

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