Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New WOW Workout Of the Week
Are you ready for some INTERVALS?  I am! 

I taught this class TWICE on Monday.  Yep- I was super tired but it's all for the love of group fitness.

Intervals are excellent for calorie burn, and studies have shown increased fat loss from high intensity intervals.


30 seconds with each exercise, give yourself 10 seconds to switch between exercises.  Each set of two exercises is repeated four times before moving onto the next set.  You will need dumbbells and a step (optional).  The entire 7 sets should take you about 45-50 minutes to complete.

1. High knee runs/ Push-ups (challenge yourself!)

2. Squat jump/ Plank row (alternating sides)

3. Burpee + jumping jack/ Weighted squat

4.  Skater jump or step jump (if you have one)/ Shoulder press

5.  Mountain climber/ Bicep curl 

6.  Plank jumping jacks/ Alternating curtsy lunge

7.  Roll to jump up/ Upright row


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  2. I tried this workout last night and really liked the mix of exercises. I should admit I only had about 20 minutes so just did 2 reps of each set. Even that had me sweating!