Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things That I Know

Wondering where your WOW Workouts of the Week have gone?  They will be back.....but I've got some recipes for you to try this week............

1.  This lemon & thyme flavored water! You know me and flavored water- sign me up! 

2. Three words.....Spaghetti... squash... enchiladas.  Check out my spaghetti squash tacos too while you're at it! 

3.  A new flavor of overnight oats? Bring it! This Fabulous Fig version looks amazing.

4.  Homemade V8? Genius! Naturally tasty and lower in sodium (lower than even the low sodium version).

5.  These lentil and kale burritos with roasted red pepper ranch sauce were pretty much made for me.  Maybe they should be called Lindsay Burritos.  You know, just to simplify it. Yummo.

6.   This looks dangerously good.  Shrimp in a pot pie? Yes 'um.