Monday, March 3, 2014

Things That I Know

1.  We have a lot of snow.  And cold.  With more on the way. If it starts getting warmer and melting now....................we may be able to see the lawn by July. But I guess it could be worse. We still have our health, and heat, and LOVE.

2.  I love matcha.  And this green tea cake roll is gorgeous.

3.  Raw brownies? It's not what you think it is.  Or maybe it is. Depends on where you're coming from.  Either way I think we should try them!

4.  A Sprinkles cupcake copycat? Now that's worth a shot! I had Sprinkles cupcakes at my wedding-- so they are dear to my heart.  I got married in Cali- and my hubby and his bestie drove two hours into Beverly Hills to pick them up on the morning of our wedding.  That's what solidified my decision to marry him.

5.  Wow.  I didn't expect this post to be so sugar-loaded.  So how about a BLT with cheese and spicy mayo to round everything out? Huh? Not sure what's wrong with me.  Must be the weather.  It's OK. We all have those days where all we can think about is 20s.  The sun will come out, TOMORROW!!

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