Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WOW! Your 1st Workout Of the Week!

I received overwhelming response to my Facebook question inquiring whether people would be interested in a weekly workout on Eighty Twenty!  Sounds like you DO, so here we go! 

These workouts are meant for individuals who are fairly experienced exercisers.  If you are NEW to exercise... welcome!  I strongly advise you to find a personal trainer in your area to assist you with getting started.

*Note: if you experience any health issues please seek the advice of your health care provide prior to starting with any exercise program.

February Olympic Ready Program 

This program was designed to cause muscle fatigue with strength and plyometric exercises.  Repeat each set of exercises three times, then move to the next set.  Please follow the links for a Google image of each exercise.  You will need some dumbbells for several exercises.

2. 15 push-ups (full or from your knees) + 10 burpees

3.  20 alternating curtsy lunges (each side is one) + 20 speed skater leaps (each side counts as one)

4.  20 bicep curls + 20 alternating plank rows (each side is one)

6.  25 abdominal crunches + 25 mountain climbers (each leg in counts as one)
Have fun!


  1. Yes - would love it if you kept this feature - along with yummy recipes. thanks!

  2. Thank you for this. Are these meant to be done every day or every 2nd day?

    1. Hi Sarah! These workouts can be done on non-consecutive days, 2-3 times per week. Enjoy!