Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WOW Workout Of the Week- Booty City


Isn't it amazing that one of the largest muscle groups in our bodies can get neglected?

Let's fix that.

Booty City

--start with a hip flexor stretch like this one.......

1. Side lying leg lifts- keep toe pointed down, lead with heel x 20 each side 

2. Clamshell x 20 each side (with band above knees for extra resistance)

3.  Hip lifts x 25 (or 12-15 each side if one legged)

4. Lifted hip marching x 25 total

5.  Donkey kicks (make sure to squeeze your glutes and not over extend your back) x 15 each leg

REPEAT before moving on to the next exercises


6. Goblet squats (weight of choice) x 20

7. Jump squats x 20

8. Resistance band side walks x 20 steps each direction

REPEAT the Big Guns before stretching

9. Crossover glute stretch - hold 30 seconds on each side

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