Monday, December 16, 2013

The 12 Healthy Gifts of Christmas- #7-12

7.  Silicone cutting mats.  These easy to wash mats are perfect for those aspiring to prepare healthy meals!

8.  A gift card for new exercise shoes.  My favorite online shoe source is Holabird Sports. Great selection, hard to find styles and sizes, great sales, free shipping.

9.  Portion control serving pieces. This attractive serving set is also very functional- each is measured out for a specific portion of food and makes estimation easy!

10.  Cute yet totally functional for fitness leggings.  The Zella brand from Nordstroms is one of my ultimate favorites.  They last FOREVER.

11.  A new fruit bowl.  Because keeping healthful foods in sight makes you want to eat more of them!

12.  A gift certificate for a massage. Or better yet- just go ahead and book it for them.  Just to make sure that they get it done! Visit Schedulicity to find a professional near you.

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  1. Great ideas! I see that i will need that food processor to make the bloody maria mix...sneaky! :) I might add some of these to my already short list and get a few for the family members that I have left!