Friday, December 13, 2013

The 12 Healthy Gifts of Christmas--- #1-6.....

What is the best gift to give someone who is starting to make healthy changes in his/her life?

Support.  Encouragement.  Kind words.

What's the second best gift?  Something that supports their efforts, without saying "you need to do something ASAP".

How about one of these...........

1.  A new water bottle.  With a straw.  Because a straw encourages drinking.  And we all know that water is essential for living a healthy lifestyle.  This one is insulated, so it will keep your water cool and it won't sweat and leave a puddle on your desk!

2.  Sport earbuds.  I just received a pair of these myself since my wee babe destroyed my other ones (she didn't mean to, I'm sure).  These are great- they have great sound and they stay in place.  And they're purty and come in many colors.

3.  A bountiful basket.  This co-op serves many many locations.  A basket of fresh goods is delivered to a central location weekly, and you pick it up and enjoy!  The best part? It's a surprise what will be in your basket each week!  It encourages trying new fresh foods. Love it.

4.  A 4 cup food processor.  I use mine at least three times a week.  It's perfect for little processing jobs around the kitchen.  And the colors that it comes in makes it easy to find one that everyone will enjoy!

5.  A great new hat built for winter exercise.  Like the ones at Sauce Headwear.  Check out their new styles and patterns! Sure to please.

Zinnia Blush Holy Swift_Back
6.  A subscription to a healthy eating magazine.  Your recipient will receive new cooking inspiration each month- delivered right to their mailbox (or tablet if you choose).  Some of my favorites are........

Eating Well

Cooking Light

Whole Living

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