Friday, June 28, 2013

Things That I Know

1.  Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary! It really wasn't that difficult to reach this point considering I married my soul mate.  I thank the heavens daily that I met him. No, I'm not making him dinner.  I'm exhausted!  We are going out tonight for the first time since wee babe joined us 9 months ago.  I know, I know.  But she's sooo sweet it's difficult to tear ourselves away.  Here's to 70 more years (FYI: that would make my hubby 110- totally reachable with the help of vegetables)!

2.  Today is also my fantastic sister's birthday (ok, sister-in-law but we're closer than that).  Yes, we she shared her birthday with us AND did most of my wedding decorating and organizing.  That's just a peak at how wonderful she is.  Happy Birthday Sister!

3. I'm doing this tomorrow.  And I haven't started training yet.  Am I injury bound? Most likely.  The best part about this is I signed up last week, two glasses of wine into a fantastic girl's night, and I signed up on my iPhone.  Poor planning? Yes, that's the name of the game.  I was told that I would need to use these during this endeavor   But I can't do it.  Texture overload.  So I'm using these instead.  I will let you know how she goes.  Hopefully not from my hospital bed.

4.  My husband is not an egg fan.  Weirdo.  But he saw this recipe and asked me to make it. Can't wait!

5.  This looks and sounds divine!  Thanks Julia. 

6.  It's my birthday in two weeks.  Yes, I am a Cancer.  Forever and ever amen.  Which means that my birthday month begins  next week.  Plenty of time for you to buy me these or if you really love me, these.  Oh yes I would wear them.  Even with sweatpants.


  1. I read your blog all the time and I love it! I rarely comment, but I just thought I would today. Also, I used to be like your husband, it has only been recently that I like plain eggs (just not hardcooked). I still prefer my omlets to have more "stuff" than egg and I still can't do eggs on any form of bread. It makes me want to puke. Everyone thinks I am nuts for that.

    I'm also a cancer. Thanks for having such a great blog with great healthy recipes! :)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate your comments!