Friday, June 14, 2013

80--- Mojito Water

This one's for all you nursing mothers out there who really need a drink.

And this one's for all my patients out there who say that they don't like to drink water because it doesn't taste like anything.

And it's for everyone else who love mojitos but knows that for optimum health alcohol consumption should be in moderation. 

Mojito Water
Serves 4

1 liter (or quart) filtered water
1/2 large lime, sliced
~12 spearmint leaves

Place leaves in the bottom of a large glass jar.  Use a muddler or large spoon to muddle leaves.  Squeeze in lime juice, then add in remaining wedges.  Pour in water and place jar in refrigerator for at least 4 hours prior to serving.

Enjoy cold with or without ice.

Nutrition Info per 1 glass: no calories, fat, protein, very minimal carb, no bad for you things (take THAT diet soda)


  1. I love this! Question, Could you make this with sparkling water, like pellegrino, and have the nutrition info stay the same? Or does the carbonation in sparkling water make it "less" healthy?

  2. Yes! Use sparkling water. Carbonation isn't any less healthy!

  3. Loved this idea and made it the other day. So darn good - thank you so much for this - makes drinking water so much more enjoyable.