Sunday, May 26, 2013

Things That I Know

1.  It's Memorial Day weekend!  I am traveling for the first time, on a plane, with my baby.  Pray for me and my fellow passengers that her sunny personality shines through the entire flight.  I've read from other mommy bloggers that this experience is one of the most nerve-racking.  And it's also one that typically turns out fine.  Yes, I am bringing a bag full of all the toys that have ever entertained her, and a few new ones that are sure to amuse her. No, I will not be bringing treats for the other passengers in case she fusses. 

2.  On our trip we will be going to visit our friends in Phoenix.  It's our group of long time hommies and their sweet babes and it shall surely be a GRAND time.  One of my dear friends owns this shop with her twin sister.  If you are in the area, and in need of such things, you MUST check them out.  Their business continues to win award after award and I am so proud of them!

3. My sister just brought me some vanilla beans back from Madagascar.  And with them I will be making this (in addition to many other things).

4.  It's sunscreen season!  I am a sunscreen addict.  Ask my hubby.  The one thing I never leave the house without?  Sunscreen.  This is my fave.  Not chalky, not greasy, doesn't make my face freak out.  Prevent wrinkles, y'all!  Oh yes- and melanoma.

5.  I just ordered some of these for some friends.  They turned out so cute- great hostess gift idea for summer!

6.  Grilling this weekend? Better give this a whirl! Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

7.  I LOVE this idea for an easy grilled appetizer.  I never met a Brie that I didn't like.

8.  If you haven't tried these yet, there is no time like the present.  

Have a GREAT weekend! Be safe! Remember- 80/20!

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for linking to my post. Homemade vanilla is so amazing!