Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things That I Know

1. It's another holiday.  Seems like they just keep coming and I can't keep up!  I would like an iPhone app that sends me an alert one week in advance of each upcoming holiday.  

2.  Fellow dietitian, Kristina at Love and Zest, created these.  Sorry if you don't love chocolate, mint, and avocados whomever you are you crazy person.

3.  Check out what Bev made at Bev Cooks.  SO creative! And pretty.  And I'm sure delicious.  Jealous.

4.  I could (and should) make this for my hubbster.  He loves sausage gravy.  He only gets it when his mama makes it for him.  I know, I know, POOOOOOOOOOOR GUY!  Thanks to Cassie at Bake Your Day I may be able to pull it off without feeling like I am giving him heart disease.  Yes- plague of being a dietitian.  Always feeling guilty about giving my loved ones fatty food.

5.  Love these.  All of them.  I think we may need a giveaway, what do you think?


  1. The best thing about the gravy is that he won't even know the difference. A couple of readers have also mentioned that they used turkey sausage and crumbled it up which would resemble regular sausage even more closely. Hope you like it! And thanks for linking up!!