Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nutrition Tip: Get your Handle on the Holidays

During the holidays the average American gains 0.8 lbs. Huh? That's not that bad, right?

Unless you never lose that 0.8 lb.  Then in 20 years you will be 16 lbs heavier (yes I needed my calculator for that).  

There are two paths that you can take when it comes to healthful holiday eating.

1. You can indulge occasionally, then get back to your healthful eating plan the very next meal because you KNOW that you will stick to it.

2. You can strive to make your holiday meals healthful and avoid the indulgence because you KNOW that once you veer you will not easily come back.

Which path is yours? Neither is right nor wrong, but I feel that it is necessary for you to pick one and know your plan in advance or things could get a bit out of control.

Moderation is key, unless you are unable to practice it........

1 comment:

  1. I want to say I would like to stick with option 2, but it's so hard when I have a recipe binder filled with once-a-year holiday treats. So option 1 it is for me!