Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gluten-Free Recipes

I get frequent requests for gluten-free recipes.  I rarely use "gluten-free" products in these recipes, but simply avoid foods that contain gluten.  

Inside Out Cucumber Sandwiches


  1. Hi Lindsay,

    Awesome recipes - thanks for sharing!

    I'm learning how to live gluten free with my mom's help. She's been on a celiac diet for 20 years, and I'm just starting down the path. I feel SO much better!!!

    Anyway, we also don't buy pre-packaged gluten free foods - like you, we're using real ingredients to create yummy gluten free alternatives for stuff like pizzas, bread, breakfast smoothies, etc.

    We decided to start a website so we can share our favorite recipes - it's called www.eay-gluten-free-recipes.com

    Just thought you and your readers might like an additional resource in the land of real, homemade gluten free food :)

    Thanks again for a great blog post - I'll be back for more!

  2. I never knew that gluten-free diets can give me the extra boost for my weight-training. I can now perform the best preworkout cardio drill. I really hope I'd be able to maintain this thing that I've started. Thanks for these great recipes.

  3. Thanks a lot for providing delicious and healthy recipes. This is one thing I'll surely look forward to when I'm undergoing turbo-training. Thanks!

  4. Gluten free recipe is what I need! I've been working out lately and I need to have a healthy lifestyle.

  5. I can only eat these healthy food when my favorite caterer is assigned to serve on events. But it's not like I can attend those events everyday! I might as well do it at home. Thanks for the recipes!