Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tip- A Mother's Influence in Eating

Yes, he learned it from his mama
The food choices of those around us, and those whom have raised us, provide a good deal of influence onto our own preferences.  That includes our mothers.

Children are not born with a palate to LOVE vegetables and other healthful foods.  Many times they are bitter and may smell funny.  This is actually a protective mechanism so that we do not ingest poisonous foods (which are often bitter and smell funny).  But with proper training, we can develop a taste for these foods.  Training starts with observation (we are truly just wild animals with technology).

In my line of work, I am frequently asked "How do I get my child to eat healthy?".  My answer?  Eat healthfully yourself! Even uttering the phrase "I hate green beans" can cause your child to avoid them for many moons (even a lifetime).  For me this is going to take practice around my own soon-to-arrive little one (I hate cooked green beans).

Even if you do not enjoy a food that you would like your child to eat, take a few bites.  No, you won't die (unless you have an allergy, in that case please DO NOT take a few bites).

I also hear all the time, "You just wait, it's not that easy".  I believe you, I'm sure it's not.  But I can guarantee you I WILL eat green beans around my babe. Who knows? I might like 'um.

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  1. Good luck! I eat every veggie and serve a wide of variety of foods. At work, I'm known as the person who will eat everything. The only foods I don't like are liver and bananas. My teenage daughter is a wheat-chickennugget-tarian. As a toddler, she ate everything. I hope she will change as an adult.