Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Tips of Christmas: #1 Beverages

I realize that I have been shorting you on Tips lately (previously Nutrition Tips- now will contain some exercise tips as well).  I've just had so many good recipes to share!

So...... Now presenting (drum roll).... the 12 Tips of Christmas!  Wish me luck- here we go!

#1  Beverages

The holidays provide joy, cheer, generosity, friends, family, pretty lights, booze, & sugar.  There may be a few other things that I am leaving out, but I think I covered the bases.

Festive parties can let liquid calories slip right in.  And guess what? You may never realize they were there.  Liquids do not cue to same satiety triggers that whole foods do.  Eggnog, cider, hot cocoa, peppermint martinis, and mulled wine can truly add up in calories and sugar.  Additionally, alcohol may lower your inhibitions, making you more likely to make poor eating choices.

Remember that life is all about balance (as we like to say here at Eighty Twenty).  Moderation is the key to the holidays!  Treat your sweet beverages like you would dessert-- savour them (maybe replace your dessert with them if you choose). 

Just be conscious of your slurping, sipping, guzzeling, chugging, gulping, swigging, etc.  Do you get where I'm going/ hear what I'm sayin'/grabbin' what I'm blabbin'?

Cheers to dat.

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