Monday, December 12, 2016

20--- Pumpkin Russian Cream

I don't know about you but my love for pumpkin desserts doesn't end with Thanksgiving.

This recipe is a new twist on my classic Russian Cream.  With pumpkin spices and creamy goodness, this one's certainly worthy of being a holiday dessert.

Pumpkin Russian Cream
Serves 8

1 1/2 cups white sugar
2 packages plain gelatin (Knox brand)
1 cup water
1 1/2 cups pure pumpkin puree
1 1/2 cups sour cream
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 cups whipping cream
2 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
Dash salt

In a medium saucepan, blend sugar and gelatin. Add water and mix well. Let stand for 5 minutes. Stirring constantly, bring to full boil. 

Remove from heat and whisk in whipping cream. In a larger mixing bowl, mix pumpkin, sour cream and vanilla. Slowly add sugar-cream mixture and whisk to mix. 

Place in individual serving dishes and place in refrigerator for 3-4 hours or until solid (overnight works great).

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream.

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