Monday, April 25, 2016

Rosali Tea Trial {Discount Code too}

Tea has a glorious history that spans thoughout the entire world.

This soothing beverage does have medicinal purposes, and you can read up on this the latest research review in this fantastic article from Berkley.

And now you can experience a large variety of teas from around the world with relatively no decision making on your end.  Sound like your jam?

Rosali Tea is a lovely company with a fantastic concept.

New varieties and flavors of teas delivered to your door monthly.  

Need a gift for mom?  Look no further.  Want to reward yourself for kicking that diet soda habit?  This would be perfect.

On their website, you fill out a short survey about your (or your gift recipient's) tea-drinking tendencies, they create a special box based on your tea-drinking frequency and preferences, and they ship it to you (or them) monthly (new varieties each month)!  You can cancel your shipments at any time, and shipping is FREE.  Prices start at just $14.99/month (that's literally less than $1 per cup).

Each box has three premium teas, tea filters, and tips for steeping time/water temperature/ etc for each tea (I had NO idea that this differed from tea to tea).

The packaging is beautiful!

And the tea is fantastic.

And you can use the code (exclusive to Eighty Twenty readers) LG20 for 20% off of your subscription!

This review was sponsored by Rosali Tea, however the opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks! I love to try different teas and this is the perfect opportunity. And a discount. Perfect.

  2. Tea has a brilliant history that ranges thoughout the whole world.