Thursday, December 18, 2014

Healthy(ish) Last Minute Gift Guide

Do you still have people on your list to buy for who would benefit from a healthy nudge?

There's still time to engage in some online shopping AND have it shipped to your door, in many cases FREE of charge.

Here are a few picks:

1. Athleta is having a sale.  I just tried out their activewear for the first time and I really truly love it.  Says the diehard Lululemon follower.  Right now if you spend $50 you can still have it shipped in time for Christmas- for FREE (last day is the 20th).

2.  If you are an Amazon PRIME member, you still have four days to get your hands on these gems:

--A survival seed vault.  You know, just in case our overly abundant food supply comes to an end.  No, but really, it contains non GMO seeds of your favorite plant varieties.

--For the young ones on your list, these activity cones will keep them moving for days!  Set up obstacle courses around the house (inside and/or out) and spur some of those gross motor skills!

--And of course, we can't forget about the FitBit!  The ever-popular gift from last year is still a great fitness inspiration tool!

--How about a healthy cooking prezzie? Chopping fruits and veggies will be much more fun with these knives!

--Hydration will be easy with this glass water bottle.

3.  Two of my favorite GIFT selections of 2014 come from Anthropologie and Nordstroms.  Not all are health-inspiring, but all are still fantastic.

4.  If you absolutely positively run out of time to have items shipped, these ideas can come to the rescue in a flash!

Gift cards:
-- To a local gym for a personal training session
-- For a massage (better yet, schedule it for them)
-- For a new workout shoes
-- To a local health food store

Happy Last Minute Shopping!!

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