Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things That I Know-- for your man

My hubby's birthday is this weekend.  I've been racking my brain for ideas on what to do/ what to get for him/ how to make his day stellar.

He's the best husband and father that I could EVER wish for and I thank the heavens for his presence in my life daily.  Truly, I married up.

Anyhoo, as I've been scheming I've come across some great gift ideas, and past Eighty Twenty recipes that are very man-friendly.

Seeing as my hubby rarely checks his email, I can guarantee that he never reads my blog.  So I feel pretty safe sharing this list with you even though it involves some of his weekend secrets.  Just don't tell him, ok?

1.  Restoration Hardware "stocking stuffers".  Yes, the same place that brings you gorgeous whoa why does that cost so much decor and furniture has a great list of gifts (toys and tools) for just about anyone, but especially for the male gender.  And they're not crazy expensive.

2.  Polenta- Stuffed Poblano Rellenos.  He begs me for these.   If you have a fire-loving Mexican-eating man in your life these are a must.

3.  Russian Cream.  So simple, yet SO good.  Top it with shaved dark chocolate, crushed pistachios, berries, or whatever your dude desires.

4.  A US Forest Service cabin rental.  Not the luxury kind.  The backcountry kind.  If you're feeling woodsy you can join him.  I was actually really hoping I could make one of these work but they book up quite early!

5.  Create your own Vans.  My hubby loves Vans.  Always has.  Always will.  Yep he still wears checkers. I suggest going the gift card route with this one so he can experiment.

6.  Ultimate Chipotle Vegetarian Breakfast Burritos.  Birthday morning breakfast! I love these too. Bonus!

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