Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WOW Workout Of the Week-- Swing Set Fun

Our backyard has officially been christened as belonging to a toddler.

We now have a swing set, playhouse, and sandbox.

My hubby wasn't thrilled about giving up precious lawn space at first.

And then he saw our wee one play on it.

He's cool now.

I was also quite psyched with the swingset.

There's rings on it.  AKA: my own home suspension training set-up (TRX-like).

I have already had several great workouts thanks to my (her) new swingset!

Here's a few exercises that you can add into your own workout!

Swing Set Fun

1. Bulgarian Lunges on the Swing

2. Hip Lifts on the Swing

3. Hamstring Curls on the Swing

4.  Push-ups on the Swing

5.  Pike on the Swing

6.  Body Weight Rows on the Rings

7.  Overhead Tricep Presses on the Rings

There are many many more exercises-- these are just a few of my faves! No weights needed!  Add in some burpees and jump squats and you have yourself a workout!


  1. Oh goodness, your old lab in the stages of napping while you are working it, just about killed me :) Love it!

  2. So cute with the dogs. And great ideas - thanks.