Sunday, November 10, 2013

1000 Facebook Follower GIVEAWAY

Thank you thank you thank you for liking Eat8020 on Facebook!

And now, your reward.  As if my yummy food photo posts on your Newsfeed aren't enough.

I am giving away a gift package of some of my favorites, Fred and Friends items.

These sweet little gadgets make life fun!  And they also make great gifts for the holidays!

In your package you will win........

A Food Face Plate (Mr. or Mrs.). Because there is nothing wrong with playing with your food.

Kitchen Kong Gorilla Whisk. Just because it's cute.

And my new favorite, the Spooled Earbud Storage. Because if you are like me, you toss them aside after a workout/run and then have to spend a good 5 minutes untangling them before you can hit the pavement again. This is so cute that I might actually have the time to store them properly.

Head over to my Facebook page and find the post to enter!!

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