Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things That I Know

1.  With the exception of a few odds and ends, I am done Christmas shopping.  Hate me if you wish.  But it's what I do.  I pick up little things along the way, starting in January.  It's not my goal to be done in September, but sometimes it happens that way.  AND it feels gooooood.

2.  I am so happy with September thus far, are you?  The mornings are 60 degrees- perfect running temp- and the days are 80 degrees- just warm enough to keep me happy. Football........fresh produce......... Oh September- would ya stay forever?  

3.  I also love September because it holds lots of dates dear to my heart.  It's when I met my hubby.  It's when we got engaged.  And it's when our wee babe was born........

4.  which means-- party planning time!  Does Pinterest make you crazy?  It's all so much pressure!  My party theme:  All Things That Begin with V- because my wee one's name starts with a V.  Yes- it's been a challenge.  And yes- my kindergarten teacher mother has helped me

We will be eating vegetables (raw and roasted), drinking V8 (kiddos) and vino (older kiddos), and indulging in vanilla cupcakes served on vintage plates.  Tables will be adorned with violet-colored velvet and vases of violas.  We will be listening to violin music and guests will go home with a very special gift: Vaseline lip balm!  Now how do I incorporate vitamins in there???? Suggestions strongly encouraged.

5.  And now what you're really here for: THE FOOD.......

Love this Chia Seed Jam idea

And Smoked Salmon Potato Salad?  I don't even love salmon and I want to eat this.

Kiwis in my salsa?  I must try it.  You'll never know if you don't try.

I may have already linked to this at some point.  I don't remember.  But putting basil in a smoothie is worth another looksie anywhoo.


  1. Good Post, I am a big believer in commenting on blogs to help the blog writers know that they've added something of great benefit to the world wide web!

  2. Lindsay: Thank you for your blog! I LOVE September also; we celebrate my husband’s birthday; our wedding anniversary; and our daughter’s wedding anniversary. I agree; it’s a great month. I wish I had my Christmas shopping done (maybe next year). Congratulations on celebrating your baby’s birthday. I’m wondering if you could incorporate vitamins by creating a small gift bag (maybe violet in color) to include your lip gloss; and the vitamins could be put in a small bag. (I suggest buying a box of bead bags from Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s. They are in the beading section of the store and come in different sizes). Maybe include a coupon to “take a hike” (on violet paper?) with a little of your Better than Granola (sorry that doesn’t start with a V) for a snack while they hike? Enjoy your party with your wee one. They grow up so fast!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love your ideas- the vitamins will be a hit (going with gummies I think).