Tuesday, April 16, 2013

80--- Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Easy and amazing!

Buffalo Turkey Burgers
Serves 6

1 lb lean ground turkey
1 cup Frank's hot wing sauce, divided
2 Tbsp nonfat plain Greek yogurt
1/2 cup finely chopped white onion
2 Tbsp finely chopped carrots
2 Tbsp finely chopped celery
2 Tbsp yellow cornmeal
1 egg white
1/4 tsp salt
Dash ground black pepper
1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles + more for topping if desired

Combine turkey, 1/4 cup hot sauce, onion, celery, carrots, cornmeal, egg white, salt, pepper, and 1/2 cup blue cheese.  Mix well with clean hands.  Allow mixture to sit in refrigerator for 1 hour. Form into six even patties.

Heat a large nonstick skillet (or use a nonstick mat on the grill) over medium heat.  Add two burgers, cover and cook for 8-10 minutes per side.  Pour remaining hot sauce into a shallow bowl and mix in Greek yogurt.  Dip each burger into the sauce, coating evenly.  Place onto buns.

Serve garnished with baby arugula, additional hot sauce, and additional blue cheese crumbles, if desired.

Nutrition Info per 1 burger (without bun or toppings): 177 calories,  8.5 g fat, 19 g protein, 5 g carbohydrates, 0.5 g fiber

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