Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things That I Know

Thank you everyone for your Facebook feedback on the newest addition to my blog: Things I Know.  I will post weekly links to other bloggers' recipes that I love, and other THINGS THAT I KNOW.

Today I know....

1. I am yearning for an 80 degree day.

Judging by this forecast I have a while to wait.

2.  I am newly obsessed with these.  I think that I would wear them every day this summer.  Every day that I have to put on real clothes that is.  As I type this I notice that it has started snowing.  Good grief.

3. I have a thing for avocados lately. Not that that's a new thing.  Fun fact: I had never eaten an avocado until I met my SoCal-grown hubby 10 years ago. That's 21 years of my life wasted. 

4. Based on this avocado obsession I make this for lunch a lot. Simple goodness.

5.  I spend a good portion of each day planning what my baby girl's first foods will be and in what order.  Dietitian brain on overdrive.  I think I am starting with butternut squash in a couple of weeks.  EXCITING!  I am hoping her first word is YUM.

6.  I have no idea why this is so darn funny but it cracks me up.

7.  Fashion world: if you really want to impress me, please create a nursing top that is as cute as this, but functions like this.  Best of luck.

8.  I am having this for dinner.  Skillet-style.  I will let you know how it turns out.

9.  I wish I was also having this.  I am only human.

10.  And that reminds me......these look like a healthful, wonderful thing.

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