Tuesday, January 8, 2013

STEP TWO: Write It Down

This is STEP TWO in my six-part guide to a healthful lifestyle.

Keeping track of your diet is key to making changes to it.  Even if you know that you eat really healthy, write it down for a few days and double-check!

Research has shown that individuals who track their intake and physical activity have more success with weight loss and weight maintenance. 

So grab a little notebook, or purchase a food journal.  You can also use a website (such as www.myfitnesspal.com-- my personal fave) to track it.  However, from my experience people who take the time and put pencil to paper have more success.

After one week you will see trends and then be able to make solid decisions as to what needs to change.  Track serving sizes, and time of day that you are eating also.

Stay tuned for STEP THREE next week!

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  1. I think people should take some little hard work with your 2 step on eating.