Saturday, June 2, 2012

Healthy Tip: Pregnancy, What I've Learned So Far

Before I took off on this adventure into creating a human, I had always thought that I could and should be the ultimate healthy pregnant woman.  I had the knowledge, I had the skills.  I would eat load of fruits and vegetables, avoid sweets, caffeine, and anything remotely processed to give my little one the best start possible.

What could stop me? 

Hormones, apparently.  Now,\
 it's not like I've been UNHEALTHY but I have certainly not been my ideal.  In my first trimester, vegetables, especially cooked vegetables, sounded revolting.  The smell of them cooking was even worse.  I did not want to eat anything that I prepared myself, often leaving me to cook foods for the blog and my hubby, then have cereal instead.  Odd? Um, yeah.  What exactly is the purpose of that pregnancy mechanism?  Avoiding foods that you put time and love into and know the exact composure of?  It's unexplained but very real.  

But I didn't have morning sickness. I'm thanking genetics for that one.

I know that I need a little bit more protein during pregnancy.  After analyzing my diet for a few days I realized that I was not getting enough (must have been all that cereal).  So, my mostly-vegetarian self tried to eat a bit more meat in my second trimester.  And I have failed at that as well.  Most days it grosses me out.  But at least now I want to eat vegetables!  If it wasn't for ultrasound confirmation I would be sure that this little one was without kidneys, or some other vital organ.

I also imagined that I would be the pregnant woman who ran through her entire pregnancy.  Why not? I know people who have done it no problem.  I can handle it.  I'm strong.  So I signed up for a half marathon that would occur right around my 6 month mark (this weekend) to keep me on track.

Bologna (hmmm, actually that sounds good right now).

My friends and I ran 10 miles two weeks ago (only a couple miles further than my typical) in preparation, and they kindly walked with me every now and then.  Piece of cake.  Uh huh.  Until that evening when my pelvic ligaments decided to teach me a lesson.  And now I'm flying to San Diego to walk this half marathon.

So what's a girl to do? What's my advice to you during pregnancy?

Listen to your body, take your prenatal vitamins, and hope for the best.  And don't beat yourself up.  Your babe will be fine.  

My plan is to make up ground in the breastfeeding after party.


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope the rest of it goes very smoothly!

  2. You are preachin to the chior here! As a chiropractor, I know exactly what I need to be doing...can I get myself to do My OBGYN asked me to stop running from my 8wk visit to my 14wk, which I did. Then I tried to start up again. Mega-fail. From 3 and 1/2 miles at 8wks pregnant to barely able to run 4 min. straight.n It is the biggest regret so far.

    My first tri I wanted steak and fruit and very little else. Now that I'm 7 months in, I'd do about anything for a coke float. Soda is sooooo bad, and I want one, about all the time. I allow myself 1 or 2 a week, try not to finish it, and make myself eat salads as penance. But, my weight gain is on point, and with as sore as my pelvis gets...i don't think i could handle the running at this point anyway.

    Hope the rest of your pregnancy is easy and unremarkable in the best ways! See your chiropractor, it will seriously help with labor and delivery! :)


  3. I'm also pregnant and normally eat quite healthy and exercise often. I've still had no problems with the exercise portion but am only 4 1/2 months in. My problem is that (similar to the above commenter) I am CRAVING sugar which is unusual for me. Cookies, chocolate, candy and soda as well. I also try to eat those things only as a last resort and if I've eaten other healthy things first. But can you think of any explanation for this?

  4. Don't worry you are not the only one! I'm at week 16 of pregnancy and I'm able to finally eat salads again and I'm starting to enjoy some vegetables. It seems the only thing that I want to eat is fruit, everything else is just gross. I do eat some vegetables/proteins but in small amounts. I do crave sweets but stick to a weight watchers fudge bar when I crave something at night and the occasional twix ;). Good luck and keep us posted!

  5. I vomited daily for months, couldn't stand to smell a single veggie, then ate cereal and craved burgers. I have two of the healthiest, fittest, smartest school age children around. Listen to your body and do the best you can. All will be well :)