Sunday, February 12, 2012

20(ish)--- Chocolate Dipped Tortilla Chips with Strawberry Basil Salsa

I made these for my sweetie in lieu of Valentine's Day. He was totally sketched out at first..... he doesn't do the salty/sweet thing very well (odd).  But when he gave them a try he called me a "rockstar". I'm pretty sure he meant it in a good way.

Chocolate-Dipped Tortilla Chips with Strawberry Basil Salsa
Serves 4

2 cups fresh strawberries, chopped into small pieces
1/4 cup fresh basil chiffonade
1 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp lime juice
1/4 tsp salt

20 corn tortilla chips (try to use whole ones for presentation)
2 1/2 oz dark semi-sweet chocolate, chopped

For salsa, combine all ingredients in a covered dish.  Use a spoon to gently mix, cover and place in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes, or until ready to serve.

For chips, heat water to a low boil in a double boiler over medium-high heat.  Reduce heat to medium and add chopped chocolate.  Use a spatula to keep pieces in the middle of the pot.  Stir frequently as chocolate melts.

When chocolate has melted dip tortilla chips into chocolate, covering half of one side.  Place dipped chips chocolate side up onto a piece of parchment paper.  You may need to use a spoon to spoon chocolate onto the last few chips when amount decreases.  When all chips have been dipped, set aside to cool for 10 minutes.

When chips have cooled and chocolate has hardened slightly, transfer chips to a plate and place in the freezer for 3-5 minutes to allow chocolate to finish hardening.  Remove and serve immediately.


  1. I don't celebrate Valentine's day, but I will definetly be making these this week.

  2. mmmm, basil and strawberries is one of my favorite combinations!