Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Tips of Christmas: #11 The Weekly Goal

Are you one of those people who get up on Sunday morning and say "I'm going to exercise for 60 minutes five days this week"?  I used to be one of you.  And then I would over-sleep, over-schedule, over-whatever myself by Tuesday, miss my workout, and then feel like a failure.  And THEN I would shrug and say "Oh well, I will try again next week", and SKIP the remainder of my workouts for the week because I was going to get a fresh start next week. 

Anyone with me here?  Self-sabotage?  Yes.  We were quite good friends.

Then I read up on some research that was compiled on exercise goals.  All of the articles discussed minutes per week as a goal.  Huh? But don't you have to exercise MOST days of the week for AT LEAST 30 minutes?  Well...... that would be the best plan.  However, if you cannot make that happen it appears that you will STILL have great health improvements by meeting a minutes per week goal.

So now....... I set a weekly goal (for myself and some of my clients).  Let's say your goal is 150 minutes per week.  You get in a 30 minute walk on Monday, then a 30 minute cycle class on Wednesday, then your week BLOWS UP and you do not get any additional exercise in.  And then it's Sunday.  YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!  You still have 1 day (if your week begins on Monday like mine) to get in 90 minutes of exercise!  Do-able?  Yes! Ideal? Maybe not, but get it done anyhow.

I usually take Sundays off.  But if I haven't met my weekly goal by then, my hubby knows that he'd better get out his running shoes!

Recommended goals for moderate intensity physical activity:
150 minutes per week for health improvements
150-250 minutes to prevent weight gain or for modest weight loss with diet restriction
300 minutes or more per week for more significant weight loss or more significant training adaptations (depending on your goals)

Set a goal!

No excuses. No "outs".  Just do it (thank you Nike).  Whatever it is that you do.  With approval from your health care provider if exercise is new to you.

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  1. What a great post. This seems so logical, but I fall into the "clean slate" trap week after week. Thanks for the new mindset!