Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GIVEAWAY Preview...........

In celebration of one year of Eighty Twenty...I will be giving away some fantastic prizes in September to my loyal followers. I was going to give away some nutrition or kitchen-esque items. But this is more fun and it supports my homegirls.

I want to give you a sneak peak.

My friend Maranda is a talented seamstress. She made her own wedding dress. I know, right?! She has now turned her talents onto making bags, skirts, and other pretty little things. You can check out her goods (available on Etsy) on her website, Maranda Lee. Here are some pics of what may be up for grabs........

Shayla (as in the Shayla from Shayla's Indian Potatoes and Runner Girl Gluten-Free Snack Mix) is also a friend who is a very talented creator of fine fashions. Her specialty is hats (although I have also seen her create some fantastic pants out of curtain material). She is one of the creators of Sauce Headwear, which I wear continually throughout the cold Montana winters, especially while running and skiing. They ventilate your head but keep your ears warm. And they are SUPER CUTE with fun prints, which is not so common in winter headwear.

This is my friend and hat model Heather. She rocks these hats as well.

Sauce Headwear's newest fabrics (which I got to help pick out!!) are not online yet. But they will be by the time this giveaway happens. They will knock your boots off.

Stay tuned.....................................................