Wednesday, December 15, 2010

80(ish)--- Baked Chicken Phyllo Chimichangas

My hubby LOVES chimichangas. Not so good for you. The other day I was pretty much out of food in the house, but I REALLY didn't want to go to the store (you've been there, right?). My fridge had phyllo dough and salsa. My freezer had chicken breasts and some cut up peppers. Hmmmmmmmm. So, I enlisted the help of my friendly 1970s crock pot, a happy hand-me-down from my mom, and made some flauta-like chimichangas.

I realize that I have been making quite a few vegetarian dishes lately. AND I feel pretty good about it. Animal protein does contain unnecessary saturated fat and cholesterol, and I don't like how these animals that I eat are treated, and I'm kind of scared of the hormones, medications, etc that these animals are exposed to. I know that plants can provide complete and healthy protein, but I'm not ready to make that jump into VEGETARIANISM-- seems kind of limiting for me (personal preference). So, my plan is to eat vegetarian meals more. Not a resolution. Just a plan. This is not one of those meals.

Baked Chicken Phyllo Chimichangas
Serves 2

8oz boneless skinless chicken breast

6 sheets phyllo dough

1 cup salsa (your favorite-- verde works too!)

1 cup bell peppers of your choice, seeded and chopped

Place chicken breasts in crock pot with salsa and peppers. Cook on low for ~6 hours.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Remove chicken from crock pot, shred and return to juice. Stack 3 sheets of phyllo dough on a clean dry work surface. Cut in half lengthwise. Remove 1/2 cup chicken from juice and place on short end of one stack of phyllo dough. Roll chicken in phyllo dough to make a tight wrap. Place on a baking sheet prepared with cooking spray.

Repeat process to make additional 3 chimichangas, each rolled in 1/2 stack of 3 sheets.

Bake for ~25 minutes, or until phyllo is crisp and golden brown.

Serve with 1 tsp light sour cream and your favorite salsa!

Nutrition Info per 1 chimichanga: 277 calories, 3 g fat, 31 g protein, 27 g carbohydrates, 4 g fiber


  1. I love this idea of using phylo for a crispy chimichanga shell! I'll be making a version - and giving you credit for this great idea - soon!

  2. These were good and easy to make. I had never made anything with phyllo dough and it was a fun to do something new.

  3. Made these tonight and they were a hit!! Thanks for all the great recipes!!

  4. Found this on Pinterest. Can you freeze leftovers? Or would the phyllo not hold up well?

  5. I've never tried to freeze these Elle but I'm guessing you are right about the phyllo. Maybe worth a shot with one? Let me know how it goes!