Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Note about January 2nd

It's not that I'm against resolution making.

Goal setting is an important piece in lifestyle change.

However, the thought that you can make a pact to yourself on January 1st and stick with it through the end of the year has a relatively high failure rate.

Did you lack the willpower to follow through?

No.  You're simply human.  A homo sapien. And, like most other mammals, humans are built genetically to take the past of least resistance.

The path of least resistance is the most frequent pattern you have been following for the longest amount of time.  And following that path expends the least amount of additional energy for your body, making it the most efficient road to follow.

Are you trying to make consistent exercise your resolution for the new year?  

Expect that it will not be easy.  Doable?  Yes.  With time.  But your body is having to expend extra energy to do so.  Therefore, working out is not the most efficient path to take.  

This is not only the case for exercise, but for changing any habit, such as choosing healthier foods and quitting smoking.

Research states that it takes approximately 40 "experiences" to build a new pathway of least resistance.  And that varies of course.  

What happens if you lose track of your goal? Say, on January 2nd you miss your morning workout.  Do you wait until January 1st of 2017 to start again?  I hope not.

The sooner to get back to that desired change the better.  Don't get discouraged!  After all, you are a homo sapien.  Laziness is built into our genes as a means of survival, to preserve energy.  Fight it!

Change is difficult, but realizing that it will be, and that it is for everyone, can help you to embrace the challenge and not be discouraged with yourself.

What's your resolution?

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